VOL-4 ISSUE-4, October 2020

Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water

Pages : 1-4

Author(s) : Dr. Abhinandan Rana

Category : Review Paper

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Abstract :
Water pollution is a foremost problem across the world that endangers the survival and development of man and society. As a result of this menace, the effective and efficient removal of heavy metal ions from water has become a serious concern. Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have gained attention as promising materials for liquid-phase adsorptive removal of heavy metal ions. Properties such as large surface area, high adsorption capacity, tunable porosity, hierarchical structure and recyclability give MOFs an edge over conventional adsorbents. In this article, recent advances in the removal of toxic heavy metal ions from water by MOFs are highlighted.

Keywords : Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), Heavy metal removal, Adsorption technology