VOL-1 ISSUE-1, April 2017

Temperature Dependent Magnetic Susceptibility and Equilibrium Studies in Solution: Evans’s Method

Pages : 38-42

Author(s) : Dipesh Ghosh

Category : Review Paper

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Abstract :
The chemical shift in a solvent caused by the presence of a paramagnetic species and the temperature dependence of the chemical shift difference to determine the temperature dependent magnetic susceptibility can be studied using Evans method. The method is very useful because a common NMR instrument, easily accessible in a department of chemistry, allows the accurate measurement of paramagnetic susceptibilities. The present review highlights planar (S = 0) and octahedral (S = 1) forms of Ni(II) complexes are in equilibrium and has been followed in the temperature range 298 ? 338 K by 1H NMR technique using the protocol of Evans’s method.

Keywords : Nickel(II) complexes, octahedral and planar forms, equilibrium in solution, Evans’s method