VOL-1 ISSUE-1, April 2017

Self-assembly study of ammonium oleanolate and generation of gel–gold nanoparticle hybrid material

Pages : 43-47

Author(s) : Braja Gopal Bag*, Subhajit Das

Category : Research Paper

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Abstract :
A solution of oleanolic acid, a renewable nano-sized monohydroxy triterpenic acid in tetrahydrofuran, transformed into a gel instantly at room temperature on treatment with aqueous ammonia. Study of the self-assembly properties of ammonium oleanolate in water and aqueous solvent mixtures indicated that it self-assembles in the aqueous solvent mixtures forming gels in DMSO-water and DMF-water. Fibrillar networks with optical birefringence properties were observed by polarized optical microscopy. Scanning electron microscopy of the dried gel samples indicated fibrillar networks with fibers of nano to micrometer diameters. The thermodynamic parameters calculated from the gel to sol transition temperatures indicated the stability of the gels. A gel-gold nanoparticles hybrid material has also been prepared and characterized by HRTEM, EDX, SAED and surface Plasmon resonance studies.

Keywords : Triterpenoid, oleanolic acid, renewable, ammonium oleanolate, self-assembly